Women’s Hormone Therapy in Provo, UT

Women’s Hormone Therapy in Provo, UT

BHRT for Women

BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy), specifically designed for women, is offered at Genesis Medical Spa in Provo, UT. BHRT is a natural approach to hormone replacement that aims to balance hormones and alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances. This treatment uses bioidentical hormones structurally identical to the ones naturally produced in a woman’s body.

BHRT for women can treat a variety of areas, including symptoms related to pre-/post-menopause, hormonal imbalances, and menstrual irregularities. It is especially beneficial for women experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, decreased libido, and weight gain.

Results from BHRT for Women can vary from woman to woman, but many patients typically start seeing improvements in their symptoms within a few weeks of starting treatment. The duration of the results also varies, with some women experiencing lasting relief for several months to a year. To experience the transformative power of BHRT for Women and regain control of your hormones and overall well-being, book an appointment with our experienced medical team today.

BHRT for Women


BHRT is not suitable for everyone. Certain medical conditions, such as a history of breast or uterine cancer, liver disease, or certain cardiovascular conditions, may contraindicate using BHRT. Additionally, individual factors and preferences should be considered when determining the appropriateness of BHRT. Our medical providers can assess and guide your decision-making based on your unique circumstances.

The time it takes for BHRT to relieve symptoms varies from woman to woman. Some women may experience improvement in their symptoms within a few days or weeks, while others may require several months of treatment. It’s important to have realistic expectations and work closely with our team to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your therapy.

The duration of the results can vary, with some women experiencing relief for several months to a year.

Like any hormonal treatment, BHRT can have side effects. These may include hormonal acne, facial hair growth, hair loss, decreased voice register, breast tenderness, bloating, headaches, mood changes, and irregular bleeding. However, side effects vary among individuals and can often be managed with appropriate dosage adjustments and monitoring.

We recommend a consultation with our medical team prior to your treatment to discuss your specific concerns and goals. Following your treatment, it is advisable to attend regular follow-up sessions to monitor your progress and make any dosage adjustments if necessary.

BHRT can be administered in different forms, including pills, troches, creams, gels, patches, injections, and pellets. The choice of administration method depends on various factors, such as each patient’s needs, preferences, and the recommendations of our medical team.

BHRT is primarily used to manage symptoms related to pre-/post-menopause and hormonal imbalances. While it may indirectly support fertility by addressing hormonal issues, it is not typically used as a primary treatment for fertility-related concerns. It’s best to consult a reproductive specialist or fertility expert if fertility is a primary concern.

Unfortunately, we are unable to bill your insurance for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

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