Tanning Peptide in Provo, UT

Tanning Peptide in Provo, UT

Tanning Peptide

Tanning Peptide at Genesis Medical Spa in Provo, UT, offers an innovative solution for those seeking a sun-kissed glow without exposure to harmful UV rays. This treatment utilizes Melanotan, a synthetic peptide that stimulates melanin production in the skin. By increasing melanin, the skin naturally darkens, giving you that desired tan. Suitable for individuals who want a natural-looking tan without sunbathing or tanning beds, results typically become visible within a week and can last for several weeks, depending on skin types and maintenance.

Melanotan is a synthetic peptide that replicates the effects of the natural hormone responsible for melanin production. When introduced to the body, it enhances the skin’s ability to tan. This provides a protective layer against harmful UV rays and offers a consistent and even tan. Ideal for those who have difficulty tanning or want to avoid prolonged sun exposure, Melanotan delivers results in a short span, with the tan’s longevity varying based on individual factors and aftercare.

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Benefits of Tanning Peptide


Anyone seeking a natural tan without the risks of UV exposure is a potential candidate. However, a consultation at Genesis Medical Spa will determine individual suitability. 

After receiving the Tanning Peptide treatment, most clients typically notice a change in their skin tone within a few  weeks. The full effect and desired tan depth usually develop within a week of treatment. 

Tanning Peptide results can vary based on individual factors, but generally, the tan lasts for several weeks. Proper skin maintenance and care can extend the longevity of the tan. 

There’s minimal to no downtime. Some individuals might experience minor side effects like redness or itching, which typically subside quickly. 

Before the treatment, it’s essential to cleanse the skin. After the treatment, moisturizing and following aftercare instructions provided by Genesis Medical Spa will ensure the longevity of the tan. 

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